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How to Get Rid of Anxiety and Fear

According to statistics, 40 million of Americans suffer from an anxiety disorder. There is a number of different anxiety disorders: generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety, panic disorder, illness anxiety disorder, separation anxiety, specific phobias. I used to have all of them. I used to worry about every single thing and in case there was nothing to worry about, my mind could easily come up with an imaginary situation to start worrying about. In this article I’m going to reveal how to get rid of anxiety and fear and share a method that has helped me personally. If that sounds good to you, then keep reading.

What are the reasons for anxiety?

Anxious parents

If you have anxious parents, anxiousness is probably in your blood. I mean, it’s in your genes and moreover, you were raised that way. Your parents feared everything, they didn’t let you do many things they considered dangerous (and that was almost everything), they often started panicking, they feared all possible and impossible sicknesses, etc. All in all, mostly, they feared unreal situations and events that never happened but existed only in their anxious minds. So, you’ve learned to be just as cautious and anxious as them.

Traumatic situation in the past

Otherwise, maybe there was a traumatic situation in your childhood or in your adulthood which made you develop excessive anxiousness. You may not even remember that situation now but it still affected your mind.

Being abused even once also leaves a traumatic imprint on your mindset.

My question to you is: are you ready to solve this problem? If yes, I’ll provide some insights on how to get rid of anxiety and fear that have helped me worry less.

How to get rid of anxiety and fear?

To learn how to get rid of anxiety and fear, let’s break our journey to stress-free life into two major parts: identification of a problem and eliminating the problem.

Make a list of everything you fear

Sometimes we don’t know how to get rid of anxiety and fear because our fears may not be even that obvious to us. Fears can hide! They hide behind other fears and behind beliefs. Question all of your limiting beliefs – all of them are nothing but hidden fears. What do I mean by limiting beliefs? Well, for example, you think that big money equals problems. Of course your mind can prove this belief is true with help of numerous examples. But do you know what else is true? Little money equals problems too! Not having enough money, you can’t afford a lot of things including good healthcare or a happy retirement. On the other hand, people with a lot of money can retire when they are 40 because they have enough passive income to cover for their expenses. Isn’t it nice? Look at your limiting beliefs from another angle, search information on the Internet and you’ll see that you’re not always right.

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Stop feeding your fears

While the above-mentioned blogposts can significantly help you fight anxiety, I have another useful tip on how to get rid of anxiety and fear. It’s simple but it’s also the most effective one: stop feeding your fears! The truth about you is that no matter how much suffering your anxiety brings to you, you still love feeding your fears. You like to watch, search for, and discuss what frightens you most. But if I am afraid of flying, will watching videos about air crashes help me get rid of the phobia? No. If I am an anxious person but I often read news and news is usually about problems, murders, accidents, diseases, can I get rid of my anxiousness? No, because I feed my fears every day – I give them new portions of disturbing news every day.

So, to get rid of anxiety and fear, stop watching bad news, stop searching for disappointing or frightening information, stop discussing it with your friends, stop watching TV-series or films if there’s something you find disturbing, spend less time on social media. For example, I stop watching films or series if I find something unacceptable in them, even if I’m in the middle of a film. My emotional health is more important to me than the time I’ve spent on this film and more importantly, than curiosity. For example, personally I don’t fear domestic violence because luckily, I’ve never experienced it, however, even watching domestic violence as part of a fictional dramatic story is unacceptable for me. By the way, as well as watching stories about murders. Murders and domestic violence are something I don’t tolerate and I won’t let them ever become part of my mindset. Remember that you attract what you fear.

So, as for me, showing violence on TV and telling people “this is common, this world is cruel, it happens to everyone” is unacceptable. People should know that domestic violence is not a norm and there’re many families where there’s no violence of any kind. So that they may understand that if there’s violence in their family – it’s not how everyone lives and they should save themselves ASAP. People should be shown good examples of healthy relationships instead of being shown examples of toxic relationships. Here is a blogpost on healthy vs toxic relationships if you’re interested in that topic.

What you focus most of your attention on – comes into your life. Focus on investment opportunities, study this field – eventually, you’ll become an investor. Focus on healthy relationships and read about them in good books like Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Northanger Abbey – you’ll never tolerate bad treatment, so your future relationship will be healthy (“we accept the love we think we deserve.”) On the other hand, watch something like Big Little Lies – and you’ll get the idea that all families have sick relationships while this is not true. When watching pieces like Big Little Lies or True Detective, you dive into the sick mind of their creators. Eventually, your mind will learn to accept the events shown in those series as a norm.

What is your norm? For everyone it’s different. For someone, a happy family who never quarrel is a norm and all people they know are just like that, while others will tell you that all families have skeletons in the closet. The first group of people succeeds in life, while the second one – struggles with a number of problems appearing in their life out of nowhere every now and then. Your mental health, your mindset, and your success are correlated. Here is a blogpost on why mental health is super important and shouldn’t be neglected.

Stop feeding your fears.

To conclude, if you want to know how to get rid of anxiety and fear and enjoy life full of opportunities and further motivation – stop feeding your fears! Ignore bad news, negative TV series (including dramas), films, etc. This way your life can only change for the better. Surround yourself with positive news, positive TV series, films, books, music, people without limiting beliefs and it’ll help you become the best version of yourself – free, happy, motivated – and succeed in life.