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Why Is Mental Health Important? -THE TRUTH

Thankfully, in our time, mental health is paid more attention to than ever before. But why is mental health important? What consequences can poor mental health lead to and what are the benefits of sound mental health?

While exercising and eating healthy are extremely popular nowadays, sometimes they can’t solve all of your health-related problems. Let alone the fact exercising or eating healthy won’t make you happier if you feel miserable. It’s like fixing something with a duct tape. So, first of all, you should find out if your mental state is okay. Don’t underestimate the power of your mental state because if unattended, it can ruin your life. And vice versa, if you care about your psychological wellbeing, it can help you rise to the top in any sphere of your life.

Why is mental health important?

Without mental health you are unable to build healthy relationships

And by healthy I also imply long-lasting. When you are insecure, anxious, aggressive, there is almost no way you find a person who is confident and calm. And even if you are lucky enough to find this kind of person, chances that he or she will be putting up with your problems for a long time are minimal. You always attract the kind of energy you produce. That is why if you think that all men betray or that all men abuse – these are the kinds of men YOU attract and the kind of “love” YOU accept.

You should stop blaming everyone around you and look inside yourself. What do you see there? Do you see light and kindness or do you see darkness and evil? Are you usually miserable, jealous, or do you want to avenge everyone? Do you enjoy arguing? Do you enjoy being always right? Do you like to compete? Do you like to surpass others and let them know of your success? Do you like gossiping? Do you enjoy swearing and calling people names? Do you yell at people? Do you like taking more than giving? I hope you get the point. So, go for darkness and evil if you want to spend your whole life with an abusive man…I am sure you can draw the picture of that life yourself without my help. Don’t demand from people something you don’t possess.

A mentally healthy man does not need neither a whiny nor a domineering woman. A mentally healthy man needs a supportive partner. If you are possessive and jealous, this is also your problem only. Yes, this is a psychological problem. To start a healthy relationship, you need to grow up mentally.

Without mental health you are unable to build a career and actually survive

There are two types of people: people who are extra and anxious at work and people who are calm and collected. If a person is somewhat talented, they can build a successful career no matter what type they are. However, what type will “last” longer? The second one. The first one will probably either experience a mental breakdown or develop a serious illness caused by constant stress. The second type will flourish. That is the second reason why mental health is important.

Without mental health you have nothing to give to your kids

Parents with psychological problems project their problems on their children. As a result, these children develop the same psychological problems. Do you want your kids to have social anxiety? Do you want them to be afraid of this world? Do you want them to lack confidence? Do you want them to live an average life? You probably want the best for them which is why mental health is very important.

Do YOU want to live an average life?

In most cases, psychological problems won’t let you live your dream life. You are either too scared to fail, or too stressed out, or anxious of what other people would think about you if you try, or you don’t know your true desires. Living with psychological problems is like walking through an endless field of weeds. There is no path and no value around you. You are moving without a direction. Feeling like a victim, blaming circumstances or people without taking responsibility for your life will never help you drag yourself out of average life. Wherever you are, keep in mind that there are people who are chilling on their own yacht at this very moment and neither jealousy nor anger will help you make that lifestyle YOUR lifestyle. The difference between you and those people is your mindset which, in turn, is affected by your mental state. Read Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset for Success: Which Do You Have? and 8 Steps to Make the Law of Attraction Work for You + Law of Attraction Books to develop and maintain a positive and a growth mindset.

blogpost image. a bench at the river bank. text: in most cases, psychological problems won't let you live you dream life. you're either too scared to fail, or too stressed out, or anxious of what other people would think about you if you try, or you don't know your true desires. more on
why mental health is important

So, why is mental health important? Good mental health is a cornerstone of a fulfilling and stress-free life, the life of your dream. Luckily, this website is dedicated to psychological and physical wellbeing and mindfulness. If you want to improve your life, welcome. I’ve got a lot of interesting insights to share. Check out my article 12 things I wish I had stopped sooner everyone should stop doing too.

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