Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset for Success: Which Do You Have?

Over the past two years I’ve come to the realization that most often the only thing that determines your success is your mindset. Growth mindset vs fixed mindset: which one is required to be successful in life?

People with a growth mindset tend to be more optimistic, confident, inspired, motivated, active, and dedicated, while people with a fixed mindset are mostly pessimistic and see no opportunities for them to grow and live the life of their dream. We always get what we believe in. So, what are YOUR beliefs?

Growth mindset vs fixed mindset: which do you have?

Growth mindset vs fixed mindset. Common beliefs.
Growth mindset:
1. I can do it and succeed.
2. There are plenty of opportunities out there.
3. I am not afraid of something new.
4. I am ready to put enough effort and time to succeed.
5. I will not give up halfway.
6. There is nothing impossible for me.
7. I am able to overcome challenges.
8. I love learning new things that can help me in my business.
9. Failure is not the end.
10. Successful people inspire and motivate me. 
11. I will put as much effort as needed to have everything I dream about.
12. I can change the world. 
Fixed mindset:
1. I am not sure I can succeed.
2. There are no opportunities in this country, etc.
3. I am afraid of new things.
4. I don't think it will work out, so no need to waste time.
5. I need to see instant results.
6. I can't do it because I lack skills, etc.
7. I am not ready to overcome challenges.
8. I am not curious and I'd rather spend free time on social media and fun.
9. Failure demotivates me.
10. Successful people don't deserve success.
11. Dreams come true only if you win a lottery.
12. Only rich people can change something.
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As you can see, the difference between growth mindset vs fixed mindset is immense.

I want you to understand that there is no such thing as luck if you don’t work for it. I mean, if you do everything right, if you are positive, if you have dreams and you are confident you can achieve them, your mindset and your efforts will lead you to success which some people may see as “luck.” On the other hand, if you are negative, if you make weird decisions (read about 10 essential life lessons to avoid weird decisions and regrets in life), if you don’t put enough effort where and when it is needed, you WON’T live the life of your dream. Mediocre efforts = mediocre life. If you want to live not like everyone else, you need to do not what everyone else does. For example, working as an employee from 9 to 5 will never make you rich.

However, success is not purely about being rich. It’s about the possibility to live the life of your dream; it’s about financial freedom: not having the need to sell your time; it’s about the journey to becoming someone bigger than you are and creating something helpful or new; it’s about being proactive; it’s about being healthy; it’s about changing the world to the better; it’s about fulfilling your purpose. Here is my article about success and its true meaning, if you are interested in all aspects that make a successful person.

People with a growth mindset also have another great skill: they always count their ROI. What is ROI? It’s return on investment and it applies not only to marketing and business. The term ROI can be applied to your life as well. Your time, your efforts, your health, your money – they are all your investments. If you work 9 to 5, you invest 8 hours every day. If you must go to the office in order to work, add the time you spend on getting ready in the morning and on commute to the office and back. That’s how much time you invest every day. If your boss is a toxic person, add the stress you get every single day. Add the money you spend on clothes you need to go to the office, the money you spend on transportation and on snacks or coffee. Then ask yourself, is it worth the money you get at that job? What is your future on that position? If there are no promotion opportunities, there is no point in sticking to that job. Always having ROI in mind, no matter what you do, whether you start a business or buy a new piece of clothing, will help you a great deal.

Of course, you may say that if you were someone like one of the Kardashians, you’d also be able to create a beauty products company or another business with all the fame and money your family would have. However, don’t forget that there are millions of successful people and not all of them come from rich families. The Kardashians are rather an exception. Such exceptions should not demotivate you. On the contrary, aim to become as successful as the Kardashians or choose another inspiring example. For me it’s Negin Mirsalehi.

You can set goals and start moving towards your dream life no matter how slowly or you can sit and complain about your life and how everyone else doesn’t deserve their success. Only your mindset creates your reality.

image of the book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: a Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams

I strongly recommend to read a masterpiece by Deepak Chopra called The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: a Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams regardless of your religion, age, etc. It’s the book every human being should read for their own good and for the good of the planet and humanity.

How to develop a growth mindset and succeed in life

  1. Imagine your dream life including every single aspect. If you don’t know your dreams how are you supposed to achieve abstract results?
  2. Imagine a day of your dream life. If you get everything you want, what will your days be like? Not knowing this, your mind doesn’t understand what it needs to work for. Your dream life should become your motivation.
  3. Set goals. Set your major goal and interim goals.
  4. Find inspiration.
  5. Stop wasting time. Limit useless activities like playing video games, TV-series binge watching, etc. Use every single minute of your day to get closer to your goal.
  6. Stop watching and reading negative news. Whatever happens in your country, if it doesn’t affect you or your family, is none of your business. People die every day, there are fires, riots, etc. Don’t let get yourself engaged in it. Focus on your goals, not on useless negative information.
  7. Learn new information in your field of interest every day, improve your skills and one day you will be one of the best in your field.
  8. Every day do something that gets you closer to your goal.
  9. Get enough rest every day.

All in all, your life is the result of your actions and you act in line with your mindset whether it’s a growth mindset or a fixed mindset. There is no luck unless you work for it. There is also no bad luck – there is a sequence of bad decisions you are responsible for.

Your life is the result of your actions and you act in line with your mindset whether it's a growth mindset or a fixed mindset. There is no luck unless you work for it. There is also no bad luck – there is a sequence of bad decisions you are responsible for.
quotes about growth mindset

It’s either you go for it, achieve your goals and make your dreams come true or you stay where you are. So, growth mindset vs fixed mindset: which one is better? I think now it’s obvious.

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