42 Positive Affirmations with Wallpapers for Phone

Here you will find 42 positive affirmations for confidence, self-love affirmations, affirmations for healing, health affirmations, affirmations for success, positive affirmations for anxiety, daily positive affirmations as well as wallpapers for phone with these affirmations. You can also pin them to your Pinterest boards as all of them will be published on my Pinterest account (follow to stay tuned).

Affirmations for confidence

What other people think of me doesn’t define me. It’s just a deceptive image that lives in their mind and has nothing to do with reality.

I am strong enough not to care about what other people talk about me. Only I know the real me.

I don’t need to prove anything to anyone, I don’t need to be likable.

I don’t require anyone’s attention, appreciation or praise to feel good. I have my own and it’s enough.

Somebody’s disapproval of me is irrelevant to me. The only opinion about me that truly matters is mine.

Self-love affirmations

I don’t let people use me and give nothing in return.

I don’t tolerate ill-treatment and distance from whoever doesn’t show me respect.

If people don’t value my effort, I neither argue nor prove, I leave.

I let no one devalue my contribution.

I don’t let anyone talk to me without respect.

I won’t argue or prove anything to you. I’ll leave and let you handle your problems on your own.

I don’t accept disrespect and negativity in my life.

I deserve everything I dream about.

I deserve the best everything.

I am not a people pleaser: I never disregard my own needs and desires.

I end any relationship that brings negativity into my life.

I don’t hold on to people who don’t want to be with me.

Affirmations for healing

I don’t hold a grudge against people who have hurt me.

I forgive the people who have hurt me because I won’t let negative emotions destroy my life.

I am not resentful of the people who have hurt me: the way they treat other people is their problem, not mine.

People who try to hurt me will never change me and my mindset, they will never succeed in trying to make me as bitter as they are. I will preserve goodness and positive vibes in myself.

People trying to destroy my life have no power over me.

I am graceful. I radiate positive energy. I never avenge and never harm and my vibes make the world around me change for the better.

I forgive people who don’t want to be with me because they make room for those who truly belong in my life.

I am grateful to all people who have influenced me throughout my life for without them I wouldn’t be who I am now.

I am grateful for all negative people and situations in my life because they have led me to a mindful life where I can and I will create my dream life.

Health affirmations

My thoughts are pure and my body is healthy.

my thoughts are pure and my body is healthy. mindfulnessinspo.com
health affirmations phone wallpaper

Affirmations for success

I can and I will live my dream.

I am able to create the reality of my dream.

I don’t focus on negative things because I treat all obstacles as opportunities.

I will create my dream life irrespective of what other people think of me or my plans.

I see no problems, I see opportunities.

There’re no problems in my life, there are interesting challenges and opportunities.

I can turn any challenge into a success.

Positive affirmations for anxiety

Only I create my reality.

I let the Universe take care of everything I can’t control.

I trust the natural flow of events. Everything happens as it’s supposed to.

I choose to live my dreams instead of living my fears.

I am not afraid of life because I know that I always attract the kind of energy I radiate.

Everything that falls my way is sent by a higher power for a reason.

Daily positive affirmations

I won’t waste my energy on pointless arguments with mindless people, I’ll rather spend this energy on creating the life of my dream.

I live mindfully and aim to always do good to neutralize the evil done by mindless people.

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