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What’s the Difference Between Confident People and Unconfident People?

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We’ve already discussed how to be more confident and succeed in life, however this topic is so broad that it’s impossible to cover everything in one small blogpost. Therefore, now we’re going to look at factors which distinguish confident people from unconfident people because it’s essential to understand if you want to know how to build confidence. No one wants to be an unconfident person, right?

Difference between confident people and unconfident people

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Confident people unlike unconfident people don’t seek approval or praise

Confident person unlike an unconfident person doesn’t crave approval and praise from others because they know their worth. If you know something for sure, would you be coming up to people asking about it or waiting for people to tell you about it? No, you would be busy doing your own stuff just as usual.  

Confident people are not desperate for attention

As confident people know their worth, they find looking desperate for someone’s attention undignified.

Confident people don’t need to prove anything to anyone

Confident people don’t feel the urge to impress other people which is often the case with Instagram and other social networks. Many unconfident people on Instagram want to showcase their wealth, popularity, status. People trying to prove something to others whether in real life or on social networks, feel the need to prove that they are just as good as people they are trying to prove it to or even better than them. It comes from inner insecurity and in reality, they don’t think they are equal or better, they see a lot of flaws in themselves, they feel not good enough. So, they need approval, praise, attention, everything we’ve already discussed to prove themselves they are worth something. Read more about it in Why You Don’t Need Validation from Others.

Confident people are not afraid of trying new things and taking risks

A confident person is not as afraid to take risks as an unconfident person because they know that they can handle whatever complications may arise. Confident people are aware of their abilities and talents, so they rely on themselves. Also, they are sure that if they put enough effort and don’t give up halfway, they’ll achieve success. They know that everything depends on themselves and they are confident in themselves.

Confident people are not afraid to be wrong

If a confident person is wrong and even if someone else tells them that, it won’t shatter their self-esteem. Confident people don’t pay much attention to what other people think about them. For a confident person, only their own opinion about them really matters. On the other hand, an unconfident person is afraid to hear that they are wrong (and even more afraid that someone else will hear that). That is why they often prefer not to ask questions and not to express their opinion.

Confident people are not afraid of change

Human beings tend to dislike change because change means leaving their comfort zone. However, change doesn’t scare confident people because they are sure about their capabilities to handle it right and cope with whatever life may throw at them.

For example, confident people don’t desperately cling to their job or their partner because they are sure that no matter what, they deserve and they will get the best. Even if something goes wrong in their life, they are sure that they’ll find a new job or a new partner who will be even better than the previous one, because they are worth it. Read How to Build a Healthy Relationship and why you’re worth it.

Confident people respect themselves

Confident people have self-respect. It doesn’t really matter to them whether the people around respect them. However, other people tend to respect confident people because they can feel this powerful energy that confident people radiate.

Confident people are not envious of other people’s success

Successful people pose a threat to unconfident people. Unconfident people are used to comparing themselves to others, so whenever they compare themselves and their achievements with those of successful people, it seems to them that the results of such a comparison diminish their worth. See How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others.

As we know, self-esteem of confident people doesn’t depend on any external things, so successful people rather inspire them than pose any threat to them. Confident people are sure they can become just as successful or even surpass that success. See Motivational Quotes for Success.

Confident people don’t yell and don’t start a fight

Aggression is a sign of lack of confidence. An aggressive person is an unconfident person who can’t just ignore it when someone infringes on their rights in any way. Aggression is defensive behavior.

Confident people don’t yell or start a fight just to feel more powerful and more worthy. They feel worthy irrespective of other people’s opinions about them. They don’t need to flash their energy, which they can spend on creating stuff, down the drain.

Confident people aren’t afraid to say no

Confident people don’t need to please anyone. They don’t feel the urge to be likable. Confident people don’t care about what others may think of them. A confident person values their time and doesn’t want to spend it on something they don’t like or with someone they don’t like.

Confident people aren’t afraid to tell the truth

Confident people aren’t afraid to say something that other people won’t like or will disapprove of because they don’t have the urge to impress those people. Confident people aren’t afraid to say that they haven’t understood something, ask questions, ask for help. It will not make them less smart or less worthy. They know their worth and it doesn’t depend on what other people think of them.

Confident people don’t show much interest in lives of other people

Confident people put themselves first. It’s vital because if you want to help someone else, you have to be able to help yourself first: be mentally stable, physically healthy, etc. This work on yourself requires both time and effort. So, confident people have neither the need nor the time to show much interest in other people’s lives. Confident people are busy building the life of their dream for themselves. You probably won’t see confident people stalking someone they would like to be friends with or stalking a celebrity.

Confident people have positive thinking

An unconfident person tends to see everything in a bad light because they are not sure that they can cope with situations they are put in. Read Stop Complaining: Our Life Now Is the Result of Our Past Choices. A confident person, on the other hand, sees more opportunities than problems. For them, there’s nothing impossible. They are confident in their skills, in their ability to be persistent, in their ability to achieve what they’ve planned. They believe in themselves even if everyone else doesn’t. They are able to draw confidence from within. This confidence helps them turn any obstacle into an opportunity for self-development. Confidence creates positive thinking and positive thinking, in its turn, makes “miracles” happen in their lives.


All people have different amount of confidence due to the environment they were raised in and experiences that they’ve had. However, your background should not become your excuse for not trying to increase your confidence. Your past doesn’t determine your life anymore. We all should strive to improve our general confidence because without it it’s impossible to achieve much in all spheres of life. Lack of confidence will show everywhere: in everyday situations, in romantic relationships, in career.

Remember that it’s okay not to feel confident sometimes because there’re a lot of new experiences throughout our lifetime and we can’t feel 100% confident until we’re perfectly familiar with them. Don’t stress yourself out because of the fact that you feel unconfident while everyone else seems to be super confident. You’ll master it too. Start with your beliefs about yourself. Read “Why Don’t People Like Me?” – Trick Your Mind Plays on You, How to Stop Being a Victim and Move On From Bullying and Abuse-related Trauma, and How to Overcome Social Anxiety |12 Steps| because an unconfident person usually has low self-esteem, different anxiety disorders, and/or victim mentality. It’s never too late to start changing your mindset = changing your quality of life for the better.