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Cozy Thanksgiving Decor Ideas 2023

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Cute fall decor can help make Thanksgiving 2023 even cozier. Every year I can’t wait for the holiday season to begin, so I start preparing early. I like tasteful home decor, so I’ve made this list of cozy Thanksgiving decor ideas from my favorite online stores with plenty of real customer reviews – Amazon and Etsy. Hopefully, these cozy Thanksgiving decor ideas will inspire you if you still aren’t in the holiday mood. So, grab a cup of a spicy chai tea or any other fall drink that you like and let’s start getting familiar with cozy Thanksgiving decor ideas 2023.

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Cozy Thanksgiving decor ideas

Thanksgiving dishes & more

Pumpkin Dutch Oven

large pumpkin-shaped Dutch Oven for Thanksgiving dinner, Thanksgiving table decor and fall decor

This big pumpkin-shaped Dutch oven is my favorite! This cocotte is more than decorative, it is unsurpassed for slow-cooking meat and vegetables to tender perfection, and for simmering hearty stews and soups.

Pumpkin Pie Dish Set

white Pumpkin-shaped Pie Dish Set with text in pie we crust and a spoon with text piece & love, cute Thanksgiving tableware, Thanksgiving table decor, indoor fall decorations for home

It seems to be the perfect dish set for serving a Thanksgiving pie.

Small Ceramic Pumpkin Dish

Small Ceramic Pumpkin Dish black, Thanksgiving tableware, Halloween decor, cute fall decorations indoor

These small ceramic pumpkin pots available in black and orange are perfect for serving individual dishesю The piece effortlessly and elegantly transitions from the oven to the table without the need for multiple dishes. Moreover, it can be used as a cookie/candy jar or even Halloween decor.

“An amazing pot. It’s only been three weeks and I’m in love. All my tried and true recipes just taste better in the Staub. The cast iron is top notch and keeps the dish evenly heated. I no longer have to cook on high heat. It bakes like a pro. The black pumpkin made all my witchy dreams come true. Best pot I’ve ever owned.”

Thanksgiving Pumpkins Plates

Thanksgiving Pumpkins Plates by Callies Creations Net, Thanksgiving tableware, cozy Thanksgiving decor ideas, fall table decor

I’m in love with these Thanksgiving pumpkin plates! More cute tableware at CalliesCreationsNet.

Small Pumpkin Shaped Bowls

Small Pumpkin Shaped Bowls, cute fall tableware, cute pumpkin-shaped tableware

These adorable small pumpkin shaped bowls are good for baking pumpkin custard, mini flans, chocolate mousse or pudding. Also, great for your charcuterie board to hold mini pickles, olives, nuts and soft cheeses. NOTE: small size, NOT for serving soup.

Cute Pumpkin Cup

Cute Pumpkin Cup, cute fall mugs, fall home decor, pumpkin mugs

What a cutie!

Mini Maker for Individual Pumpkin Waffles

Mini Maker for Individual Pumpkin Waffles, Thanksgiving dinner ideas

Making pumpkin-shaped waffles is a fun activity for both adults and kids!

Wood Pumpkin Tray

Wood Pumpkin Tray by 3CStudioUS, Thanksgiving tableware, Thanksgiving serving dishes and platters, Thanksgiving decorations

Awesome charcuterie board for Thanksgiving and fall in general. Personalize it, if you want, with your own text or date. Visit 3CStudioUS for more trays.

Leaf Shaped Serving Platter

Leaf Shaped Serving Platter, fall tableware

A leaf-shaped serving platter will look just as good as Thanksgiving table decor as pumpkin-shaped platters, trays, bowls.

Thanksgiving table decor

Fall Table Runner

Fall Table Runner, autumn table runner with image of plaid truck with pumpkins and leaves, fall table decor

If you’re looking for inexpensive Thanksgiving table decor ideas, pay attention to table runners.

Modern Linen Table Runner

Modern Linen Table Runner by Thing Stories, modern home decor, modern Thanksgiving table decor

Simple linen table runners create a cozy atmosphere with few decorations. Visit ThingStories for table linens, towels, travel and makeup bags, totes.

Pumpkin Table Runner

white blue and orange Pumpkin Table Runner by Royal design By Maritza, fall pumpkin decor

For a cheerful atmosphere, consider this pumpkin table runner. Visit RoyaldesignByMaritza for more cute fall table runners.

Mercury Glass Candle Holder Set of 12

Mercury Glass Candle Holder Set of 12, Thanksgiving table decor, cozy Thanksgiving decor ideas

These beautiful mercury glass candle holders are great for Thanksgiving table decor and will as well come in handy multiple times all year round.

Thankful, Grateful, Blessed, Gather Word Signs

Thankful, Grateful, Blessed, Gather Word Signs Thanksgiving decor ideas, Thanksgiving table decor ideas

Word signs “thankful”, “grateful”, “blessed” or “gather” is another great inexpensive Thanksgiving table decor idea from PottsUpscaledDesigns.

Thanksgiving Napkin Ring Set 

Thanksgiving Napkin Ring Set, Thanksgiving table decor ideas

Add napkin rings to your Thanksgiving table decor.

“They really dressed up my fall table. Very pretty!”

Potpourri Bag (Pumpkin Spice)

Potpourri Bag (Pumpkin Spice), fall home decor, autumn decor

This is a truly genius fall decor idea. Display the contents of this bag in a vase or tray as fall decor and fill your home with an amazing fall scent or choose another bag from a variety of options: Blissful Harvest, Holiday Memories, Gardens of Bali, Amber Lavender and more.

Natural Wooden Spoons and Forks Set

leaf-shaped Natural Wooden Spoons and Forks Set, Thanksgiving table decor ideas

What a beautiful spoons and forks set to display and use in fall. Practical fall decor that will be a great addition to your Thanksgiving table decor.

Fall Dine Table Centerpiece

fall centerpiece with pumpkins by Fostering Joy

Fall centerpieces is my favorite type of Thanksgiving table decor. Visit FosteringJoy on Etsy for more Thanksgiving decor like this.

Pumpkin Arrangement with Candle Holder

Pumpkin Arrangement with Candle Holder by Luxe Decor Co, fall centerpieces, autumn home decor

More beautiful Thanksgiving decor ideas at LuxeDecorCo.

Small Fall Centerpiece

floral fall centerpieces for table by Creations by Joy Belle

Fall centerpieces and wreaths from CreationsByJoyBelle are selling like hotcakes!

Modern Fall Centerpiece

modern fall centerpieces with black and white pumpkins by Apron Strings Owl Lady, Thanksgiving centerpiece

See other stunning home decor pieces from ApronStringsOwlLady.

Orange Truck Table Decor 

Orange Truck with owls and pumpkins by Apron Strings Owl Lady, fall centerpieces for table, cute Thanksgiving decor ideas

As I said, ApronStringsOwlLady has plenty of amazing fall decor to offer.

Stunning Fall Centerpiece

rose gold fall centerpiece with flowers by Darby Creek Trading, berries, small pumpkins, Thanksgiving table decor ideas, Thanksgiving centerpiece, cute fall decor

DarbyCreekTrading is one of my favorite Etsy sellers because I am in love with all their products. Check it out, I bet you’ll want to buy like every single thing. Quality home decor that you’ll want to display for many years.

Fall Romance Arrangement 

Fall Arrangement by SBH Decor, handmade home decor, fall centerpieces

It truly looks like a fall romance! See other exceptional home decor pieces from SBHDecor.

Floral Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece

floral Thanksgiving centerpieces by les fleurs interiors, best fall home decor, cute Thanksgiving table decor

I love how full and colorful this fall centerpiece looks. More fall decor like this at lesfleursinteriors.

Pumpkin decor

Set of 3 Glass Pumpkin Lights with Timer

Set of 3 Glass Pumpkin Lights with Time, beautiful fall decor, best Thanksgiving decor ideas

This is my favorite fall decor! When I first saw these glass pumpkin lights on Amazon, I though: “they can’t look like this in person” but then I saw reviews with photos and was amazed by the fact they look even better in person!

Personalized Light Up Pumpkin

Personalized Light Up Pumpkin, cozy Thanksgiving decor ideas, cute fall decor

This personalized light up pumpkin will look cute in any setting.

White Pumpkin Garland

White Pumpkin Garland, neutral fall decor

Thanksgiving decor ideas include amazing pumpkin and leaf garlands. Here is an inexpensive neutral pumpkin garland for Thanksgiving table decor or fall mantel decor.

Lighted Twig Eucalyptus Garland

Lighted Twig minimalist Eucalyptus Garland, minimalist

If you prefer minimalistic home decor, this beautiful garland with lights is great not only for fall but also all year round.

 Wood Tray with 9 Unique Glass Candle Holders

Wood Tray with 9 Unique Glass Candle Holders, cozy home decor, fall home decor ideas

I fell in love with this piece! It is great for creating a cozy atmosphere at home.

White and Golden Pumpkin Garland

White and Golden Pumpkin Garland, cute Thanksgiving decor ideas, fall decorations

A beautiful and full pumpkin garland from lesfleursinteriors can be used as a centerpiece or mantel decor.

Fall Maple Leaf Garland

Fall Maple Leaf Garland, cute fall decor, Thanksgiving decor ideas, fall mantel decor

For those who prefer leaf garlands…

Pumpkin Throw Pillow

Pumpkin Throw Pillow, cute fall decorations

The cutest throw pillow ever!

Artificial Pumpkins for Thanksgiving Decor

white Artificial Pumpkins for Thanksgiving Decor ideas, neutral fall decor

This is my favorite set of artificial pumpkins for Thanksgiving decor. For example, for creating a Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Glass Pumpkin Figurine

Glass Pumpkin Figurine, cute fall decorations

“These are absolutely stunning in person and so worth every cent. I was extremely impressed with the quality. Very heavy and expensive looking! They also came in REALLY nice storage boxes so I can store them safely when not in use.”

Pumpkin Candle

Pumpkin Candle, cute fall decorations for home

Cute and inexpensive Thanksgiving decor. More handmade soy wax candles at MoskaDecor.

Colorful Artificial Pumpkins

Colorful Artificial Pumpkins for Thanksgiving decor ideas, cute fall decor

If you’d like to add more color to your Thanksgiving decor.

Velvet Pumpkins

Velvet Pumpkins, cute fall decorations

Create your own one of a kind Thanksgiving decor with these stylish velvet pumpkins. Here is another great idea:

“Gave these pumpkins as a favor for a party I was hosting. Everyone loved them! They are super plush velvet stuffed with a beanbag bottom to hold it in place. These are really beautiful and super fun for decorating. I absolutely love these and highly recommend them.”

Fall wreaths

Pumpkin Wreath

Pumpkin Wreath, cute fall wreaths

If you’re looking for an inexpensive fall wreath, take a look at this one. Based on Amazon reviews with photos, it looks much better in person.

Flowers & Fruits Modern Fall Wreath

Flowers and Fruits Modern Fall Wreaths by Botanika Studio, handmade fall wreaths

Etsy it my favorite online store to look for wreaths because they are of high quality, extremely beautiful, unique, and customizable. Visit BotanikaStudio, they offer a big number of cute wreaths just like this amazing fall wreath.

Neutral Fall Wreath

Neutral Fall Wreaths

Many people are into neutral home decor nowadays and if you’re one of those, you’ll probably like this fall wreath. Visit DarbyCreekTrading to see more stunning fall and Thanksgiving decor ideas.

Autumn Enchantment Wreath

best fall wreaths by Darby Creek Trading, cute fall decor ideas

This fall wreath from DarbyCreekTrading is pure perfection.

Bright Colors Fall Wreath

bright fall wreaths with hello sign by Treasures By Destani

This fall wreath from TreasuresByDestani looks so festive!

Modern Decor Fall Wreath

modern decor fall wreath by Creations By Joy Belle

Fans of modern decor will especially like this peony fall wreath from CreationsByJoyBelle.

Tender Fall Wreath

tender fall wreaths for front door by Autumn Wren Designs, Thanksgiving decor ideas outdoor

This fall wreath from AutumnWrenDesigns is all about tenderness.

Minimalist Fall Wreath

minimalist neutral fall wreaths for front door with white pumpkins by Fostering Joy

For those who prefer minimalism, there’re plenty of minimalist fall wreaths on Etsy. Visit FosteringJoy for more wreaths like this.

Cute Fall Wreath

cute neutral fall wreath for front door by 9 Patch Lane

Another neutral and tender fall wreath. More fall decor like this at 9PatchLane.

Red Leaves Fall Wreath

red leaves fall wreath for front door, cute outdoor fall decor

An ideal wreath from CreationsByJoyBelle for fall mood.

Fall Lamb’s Ear Wreath

Fall Lamb's Ear fall Wreaths for front door by Humsand Whispers

Another gorgeous fall wreath from HumsandWhispers.

Fall scented candles

Heirlum Pumpkin Candle

heirlum pumpkin scented candle, best fall scented candles

Fragrance details: heirloom pumpkin, creamy caramel, warm vanilla, nutmeg, and spicy cinnamon.

Spiced Pumpkin Latte Candle 

spiced pumpkin latte candle, best fall scented candles

Fragrance details: kabocha pumpkin pulp, whipped coconut crema, fluffy vanilla marshmallow and cinnamon spiced brûlée.

Orange Cinnamon Clove Candle

orange cinnamon clove candle, best fall scented candles

Fragrance details, orange, cinnamon, clove.

Cinnamon Chai Woodwick Candle

cinnamon chai candle by woodwick candles, best fall scented candles

Cinnamon chai is one the best fall scents.

This is it for cozy Thanksgiving decor ideas 2023 and fall decor. If you’re a fan of home decor or need to get in the mood for Christmas, see a related post: 35 Best Christmas Decorations.

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