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35 Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Dad in 2023

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This is a last minute Christmas gifts for dad in 2023 holiday gift guide because I felt like I needed one. I can cope with anything: choosing amazing Christmas gifts for mom, boyfriend, relatives but when it comes to dad, I am puzzled. Dad is a person who doesn’t need anything, however, if you don’t give him anything, he will feel offended. Feel free to use this last minute Christmas gifts for dad in 2023 holiday gift guide if you’re familiar with the struggle.

Last minute Christmas gifts for dad in 2023

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Pizza Socks Box

Pizza Socks Box xmas gifts for dad

What’s more practical, yet fun and unusual than a pizza socks box?

Most Practical Christmas Gifts for Dad: Car Vacuum

can vacuum cleaner good Christmas gifts for dad

This little thing can not only remove dust, sand, paper debris, hair, food scraps but also spilled liquids. The built-in bright led light can provide a good view when cleaning corners, the bottom of car seats and other hard-to-see places.

The Man Can Bath and Body Gift Set

The Man Can Bath and Body Gift Set for men

Just a manly bath and body gift set. The Man Can includes: a bar of fisherman’s scrub soap, spicy shave gel, bay rum oil, fisherman’s handbutter, and really scratchy body accessory.

Whiskey Gift Set

Whiskey Gift Set in a wooden gift box chilling stones and elegant whiskey glasses Christmas gifts for dad

A true whiskey lover will appreciate this whiskey gift set. No more ice in whiskey! The chilling stones will do the job. Moreover, the glasses look super luxurious!

Papa Bear Slipper

Papa Bear plaid Christmas slippers for dad

These comfy, cute and Christmassy slippers definitely make it to this holiday gift guide 2023!

Need Beer T-Shirt

Need Beer T-Shirt gifts for dad

This T-shirt will make dad’s friends jealous.

Unique Christmas Gifts for Dad: Golf Club Pens

Golf Club Pens Christmas gift ideas for dad

Looking for unique last minute Christmas gifts for dad in 2023? If your dad likes golf, here is what you should consider giving him for Christmas 2023. Why? Read some reviews on Amazon, and you’ll learn that this can be a big hit with golf lovers…

“OMG!!! I almost forgot to write a review about these pens. I brought these for a fathers day gift for my husband. I actually took them to another place to get engraved with his full name. They are very nice and eye catchers for golf lovers. The lady at the store I took them to was very shocked and wanted to know where I purchased them from, I told her Amazon. Husband uses them for work and he says that everyone is always talking about how cool they are. He did say they work just fine and likes the fact that when it does run out of ink he can replace them very easy.”

Camping Fan and LED Light

portable Camping Fan and LED Light

Even if your dad is not a camper, he can still use it outdoors. See the reviews on Amazon. Some people use it under their outdoor umbrella.

Christmas Gifts for Dad That Has Everything: Whiskey Glass with Built-In Cigar Holder

Whiskey Glass with Built-In Cigar Holder best gifts for dad

“My father basically has pretty much everything, so finding a gift is always a struggle. Luckily, he hadn’t bought one of these for himself yet! He’s a Cigar and cognac/whiskey aficionado and enjoys a pairing the two. There couldn’t be a more perfect gift for him! He called right when he got it and was thrilled! He uses this often and says it’s perfect! He said it’s a very nice quality. So glad I found this.”

Complete Beer Making Starter Kit

Complete Beer Making Starter Kit things to get dad for Christmas

If your dad likes beer and DIY, here is a gift that will impress him.

2 Slot Hot Dog and Bun Toaster

2 Slot Hot Dog and Bun Toaster Christmas for dad

This is a good Christmas gift idea for big fans of hot dogs. No need to boil water anymore! Great hot dogs are ready in just a few minutes!

DIY Gin-Making Alcohol Infusion-Kit

DIY Gin-Making Alcohol Infusion-Kit cool gifts for dad Christmas

Another DIY Christmas gift idea for dad that has everything.

Seat Cushion

chair seat cushion top gifts for dads

Dad can use this amazing memory foam seat cushion in the office, in the car, at home, in the airplane or, if needed, in a wheelchair.

Best Deal: Zero Gravity Chair 2 Pack

Zero Gravity Chair 2 Pack Christmas gifts for parents

This is a great Christmas gift idea not only for dad but also for someone else in your family, as you get 2 amazing zero gravity chairs with cup holders and folding canopies for less than $80! (The price may change, check it on Amazon).

Hands Free Neck Can Cooler 4 Pack

Hands Free Neck Can Cooler 4 Pack what to give dad for Christmas

Great for family picnics, game nights, for birthdays and holidays, camping, hiking, kayaking, etc.

Bottle Cooler

Bottle Cooler gifts for father

No more warm beer! This will keep all of your dad’s favorite US standard 12 oz bottled beers ice cold until the last drop. 

Self Care Christmas Gifts for Dad: Beard Grooming Kit

Beard Grooming Kit Christmas gifts for men

Dads with beard have to take care of it. Packaged in an elegant gift box, this sophisticated beard kit comes with everything your dad needs for daily beard grooming and styling. It includes 2 packs of beard wash, beard oil, a beard balm, brush, comb, scissors, storage bag and an e-book.

Game Changer Christmas Gifts for Dad in 2023: Neck Fan

Neck Fan Christmas present ideas for dad

Great device for summer heat, especially for people with heart problems.

Moscow Mule Mugs Set of 4 with Bonus Accessories 

Moscow Mule Mugs Set of 4 with Bonus Accessories cool Christmas gifts for men, gift ideas for husband

Moscow Mule is one of the most popular American cocktails which makes this beautiful set an awesome Christmas gift for dad that likes to serve his cocktails in a classy way. Copper mugs are essential for this cocktail as the original Moscow Mule cocktail from 1941 got its distinctive flavor when the ginger beer and lime reacted with the pure copper of the mule mug. Moreover, copper mugs keep the cocktail cold longer.

Ring Toss Game

Ring Toss Game xmas presents for dad

Perfect for picnics, parties, or your dad’s next camping trip, this hook and ring toss game will keep everyone entertained for hours of family fun.

Most Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for Dad: Tactical Pen

Tactical Pen gifts for father

12-in-1 multifunctional tool pen is one of the best last minute Christmas gifts for dad in 2023. Combines a glass breaker, flashlight (with strobe mode), ballpoint, stylus pen, bottle opener, compass, whistle, multi-tool head(can be used as bottle opener, nut wrench, etc). This multi-purpose tool is specially made to break the glass and save lives when the door is stuck or the window cannot be opened in a fire after an accident. In the dark outdoors or indoors, it can illuminate the way forward or help find things.

Hot Sauce Making Kit

Hot Sauce Making Kit ideas for Christmas presents for dad

How hot is hot enough? Let your dad decide!

One of Those Christmas Gifts for Dad He’ll Actually Use: All-in-One Trimmer

All-in-One Trimmer for nose, ears, beard Christmas dad presents

If your dad still doesn’t have an all-in-one trimmer, it’s time to give it to him for Christmas 2023.

Hip Flask for Whiskey and Spirits

Hip Flask for Whiskey and Spirits presents for dad

Looking for classy last minute Christmas gifts for dad in 2023? Here is a break-resistant, leakproof, and pocket friendly.

Long Range Walkie Talkies 3 Pack or 2 Pack

Long Range Walkie Talkies 3 Pack or 2 Pack gifts for campers

These little things are very useful! Dad can use them where there’s not much cell signal, in emergency situations, in two vehicles that need to stay in contact, at the beach, etc.

Bike Computer

cheap Bike Computer unusual gifts for dad

No more need to use a phone as a speedo, GPS, or to measure distance. Easier monitoring and improved safety!

Power Bank with Solar Panel and LED Light

Power Bank with Solar Panel and LED Light xmas gift ideas for dad

High capacity 36800mAh power bank with a bright LED light and solar charger as an additional emergency function. No more anxiety about phone battery life, especially when on a trip, hiking, camping, etc.

Levitation Floating Globe

Levitation Floating Globe father xmas gifts

Looking for presentable last minute Christmas gifts for dad in 2023 that he could proudly showcase in the office? This levitating globe that floats on electrically active magnetic field, operated by an electronically controlled magnetic system is going to impress your dad, his colleagues, clients, and partners.

TOP Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for Dad: Bluetooth Beanie Hat

Bluetooth Beanie Hat top Christmas gifts 2022

Have you ever thought how amazing it would be if you could listen to music in a crowded place just like wearing headphones or earbuds but without the discomfort of having something inside or over your ears?

“I always thought these music beanies were novelty pieces with bad sound quality. I was wrong. The beanie itself is pretty good. It’s quite thick so your head doesn’t get cold. I like the colour too, and the leatherette part where the earbud controls are located is a nice touch. Before talking about the sound quality, I want to mention that it’s very nice that you don’t have to wear earbuds or headphones on top of the beanie. In my experience, earbuds get pushed into my ears too much when I wear a beanie. And when I wear headphones, I have to readjust my beanie and uncover some parts of my head. This beanie solves that problem. And the sound quality. Sure, it doesn’t sound fantastic but I like that you basically have two speakers near your ears. They don’t hurt your ears and you get a very sweet sound profile. Whenever I leave home, I just put it on and I don’t carry my headphones around.”

Check out other colors available on Amazon.

Solar Speaker

Solar Speaker great gifts for dad

No power? No socket? With this solar Bluetooth speaker, it’s not a problem! It has a built-in strong efficient solar panel: half hour sunlight = 30 minutes of music playtime. It can also be charged through a wall outlet if no sunlight is available. Moreover, this speaker is waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof which makes it perfect for outdoor activities.

Wow Factor Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Dad in 2023: Beer Tower Drink Dispenser 

Beer Tower Drink Dispenser 

Need some wow factor last minute Christmas gifts for dad that has everything? What about this beer tower drink dispenser?

Dad Gift Box

Dad Gift Box unique Christmas presents

Here is the ultimate gift set for dad! This gift box contains a premium, thick grilling apron with a funny design, a custom nine-piece whiskey stone set with a freezer bag, and a 6-in-1 tactical pen multi-tool with a storage case. I love that apron!!!

Portable Cooking Utensils for Camping

Portable Cooking Utensils for Camping gifts for camping

All camping cooking utensils in one bag! Everything your dad and family may need for camping, BBQ, picnic, hiking, boating, etc.

Gag Christmas Gifts for Dad: The Ultimate Bathroom Reader

Gag Christmas Gifts for Dad: The Ultimate Bathroom Reader

Looking for gag gifts for dad? The Ultimate Bathroom Reader is a fun way to spend time in the bathroom. It’s the ultimate source of interesting facts about a wide range of diverse topics.

Foot Massager Machine with Heat

It’s a great Christmas gift for people who spend a lot of time walking or standing as well as for elderly people. So, you might want to buy this foot massager for your grandparents too.

“This product is by far the best out of all the foot massagers own. Just the right about of air pressure and heat for your tired feet along with kneading massage with different intensity really does the trick. My husband and I have demanding jobs where we both are constantly on our feet. My husband is a tall guy but his feet’s fit in perfectly”

I hope you liked these last minute Christmas gifts for dad in 2023 holiday gift guide. In case you’re looking for more Christmas gift ideas, see RELATED:

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