Healing Is the Best Gift You Can Give Yourself

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Recently I’ve come across news that one popular actress makes dangerous things and works too hard while being pregnant, and apparently she is very proud of that. Of course her fans praise her for the feat but wait a minute…what is that all for?

Why do some people think that health is a joke and some women pretend to be Wonder Women who can combine pregnancy with a sick work schedule? No one, neither you nor your future child needs your feats at work. All you need is proper rest. Healing is the best gift you can give yourself!

Another example, a lot of people I know think that it’s absolutely necessary to work hard and be constantly anxious at work and because of work (show your employer how much you care) if you want to earn enough money. Some of these people dream about a dazzling career. They dedicate so much time and energy to it that at the end, they have no time for life and no energy for anything else. They don’t have time and desire to overcome their psychological problems which make them suffer from anxiety and develop new psychological problems leading to problems with physical health. It turns out that their life is a constant race and the award is money. However, they don’t even know what they truly need and want from life.

I was that kind of a person too. All I did could be described in one word: survival. I didn’t have time for myself, I didn’t have hobbies, I didn’t have energy to learn something new or think about my life, I didn’t know what I wanted from life, I didn’t have energy for relationships, I didn’t have a purpose in life. My whole life was revolving around money, yet I wasn’t earning a lot. My health was deteriorating as I suffered from social anxiety constant mental breakdowns. All in all, it was not life, it was survival. It was a race for money to buy stuff I didn’t need to impress people I didn’t like or to get acknowledged at work (I never was though) and “succeed” in life in order to compete with people I didn’t like and win this battle. I dreamed about a dazzling career even though I knew I didn’t have the skills to become a TOP manager. I was stressed out, the work was killing me but I kept accepting extra tasks to “challenge myself” and to get more money. How stupid I was! I wish I had realized it sooner. Eventually, the money I got was spent on doctors’ appointments and medicine.

I was a naïve person who genuinely believed that in order to make more money and be recognized at work, you need to sacrifice everything else and dedicate your free time to work, suggest various improvements, accept extra tasks. Now I know the truth…

The truth is that no one, not even you, needs your feats at work.

The truth is that you will never build a dazzling career if you are anxious. You may achieve some mediocre level but your poor health will eventually let you down. Truly brilliant employees are not anxious. They know the importance of work-life balance.

Another truth is that being just an employee will never make you rich anyway. No matter how much extra time you dedicate to your work, barely someone will thank you for that.

Yet another revelation for me was that you can’t actually develop leadership and communication skills. Even if you do (as you may think), a person who has these skills as their character traits will always be better than you anyway. You may work hard and make yourself be a professional at any cost, yet another person just has a genuine talent. You can never beat talent, no matter how much effort you make.

So, what do I suggest instead? Stop running in circles! Stop rushing through life! Accept the fact that you are not a superhero. Accept the fact that people you see on TV or on social media are not superheroes either. There is a lot of social pressure but in real life, no one has superpowers. We don’t have more than 24 hours in a day. The price you will have to pay for your excessive efforts may be too high.

You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. You don’t have to adhere to success standards. You can choose the way you want to live your life. And it’s absolutely essential that you give yourself time for rest and healing every single day. If you think that time for yourself is less important than work, cooking, or cleaning – you are so wrong. Time for yourself is the most important time of the day! If you don’t treat yourself well, you can’t rely on your health. It will not support you when you need it most because you ignored it before. If you don’t pay attention to your health now, there is no one except yourself to blame later. See my article Health Is Not a Gift, It’s an Outcome to learn what you can do now to improve your health and live longer.

Spare at least 30 minutes for yourself every day. Do whatever takes your stress away: different breathing practices, meditation, yoga, powerlifting, jogging, stretching, walking in nature, etc. Don’t think that your stress and anxiety will just disappear somehow. They will be snowballing. You don’t need that! If you are interested in leading a stress-free lifestyle, read my article on long-term stress relief.

Proper rest, stress-relief, healing, and physical exercise are vital and among all plans you make for a day they should be your priority. Let yourself relax, give yourself time to heal every single day. Read How to Practice Mindfulness |30 Best Actionable Tips| if you are interested in living a mindful and stress-free life.

This website was created to spread mindfulness and peace in the world of chaos. I hope you’ll find something helpful here.

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