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If You Can’t Understand This – You’re a Toxic Boss

Are you a boss? Are you employees mostly fools? Will everything fall apart without your control? Well, maybe the problem is…YOU! Curious?

There are many things toxic bosses seem to be unable to understand. They create unnecessary pressure at the workplace, yell, threat, manipulate, and walk over people to get what they want.

If you can’t understand this, you’re a toxic boss:

  1. All people always make mistakes and will continue to do so because “to err is human.” No fines will eradicate it.
  2. Neither you nor anyone of your subordinates have control over other people. You may yell as much as you want but if a person can’t learn or do something, it won’t help.
  3. Being bossy or even aggressive is a sign of talentless management. A leader is the one who leads, not the one who threats, yells, and squeezes all life out of their employees.
  4. Being constantly anxious about results and making your team anxious too does not help with getting good results. In fact, if you are constantly anxious, you should see a psychologist. Being anxious does no good to your heath.
  5. Most people work because of money (and you too, let’s be honest, you wouldn’t cling to this position if not for the money). People will not perform more complicated tasks with no pay rise. Accept it. There is no slavery anymore!
  6. The fact that you are in charge for some reason does not mean that your decisions and ideas are the best.
  7. Firing people because of 1 mistake will leave your team without the needed workforce.
  8. People won’t put up with your aggressive behavior. They’ll just quit and you will be left without the needed workforce.
  9. Your yelling and threats motivate nobody.
  10. It’s your pressure and the stress you cause to everyone what leads your employees to making mistakes.
  11. There will be no improvement until you see a psychologist and change your attitude to people and work in general.
  12. People hate you. Your employees will never tell you that though.

Well, does it look anything like you or your boss? All toxic bosses are similar. They are anxious, stubborn, egoistic, aggressive, greedy for money people with low self-esteem. So, before pointing fingers, think: maybe the real problem is YOU? A true LEADER is an emotionally stable person. If you lack emotional intelligence, you can’t manage people.

Why are there still incompetent managers and toxic bosses in the 21st century? I guess because all people are on different levels spiritually and bad bosses are on the lowest ones with most negative energy. If you are a toxic boss, I have bad news for you: you are going to be the richest, yet the youngest and the loneliest person in the graveyard unless you change your attitude to people, life, work, and money.

Good news for you, if you have a toxic boss! Here is my article Manipulation: the Truth You Should Know about Manipulative People and its continuation, How to Deal with Manipulative and Toxic People and Reduce Stress.

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