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How to get over a breakup? In this article, we are going to get to the root of the problem and build on that.

Most articles suggest to give yourself time and cry as much as you need. I suggest the opposite. The more time you spend crying and feeling sorry for yourself, the more of a victim you become. And a victim is not able to get themselves out of difficult situations. To overcome this problem, you should rise above it. It means that YOU should become much bigger, yet lighter than this tiny problem. You won’t get over a breakup until you start considering it a tiny problem. So, this article is for those who genuinely want to help themselves out instead of crying and getting more and more depressed. Here’s how to get over a breakup…

13 tips how to get over a breakup

The following 13 tips helped me get over a breakup more than once.

1. Accept the idea that you chose a wrong person

Take the responsibility. If you chose a wrong person yourself, you are also able to find the right one. Think of yourself as an HR manager for your own life.

If it was your partner who broke up with you, it simply means that they were not that in love with you. You probably could feel it but still ignored the signs. Read more about signs he’s not that into you. Accept it and move on. Just try not to make the same mistake again. Never give chances to people who are not truly interested in you.

If it were you who initiated the split, accept your mistake when choosing that person to be your partner. Now you know which traits you are not okay with.

Say “thank you, next”, make a list of things you’ve learned from this and move on without regrets. It’s history now…

Read Relationship Require Hard Work: True or False to find out signs of a mentally healthy partner and components you need to start a healthy long-term relationship.

2. Don’t return to the past in your memories

If you can’t help recalling it, give yourself, let’s say, 1 hour on Wednesday to think about your past relationship. Don’t regret it though, analyze! Learn from it.

3. From now on it’s just experience

Be grateful for the experience because you can become so much better now. Don’t regret the time you “wasted”. Some people never get a chance to learn the things you’ve learned and they live a miserable life continuing unhealthy relationships.

4. Do not feel sorry for yourself as this won’t do you any good

How can feeling sorry for yourself help you become stronger and stay mentally stable?

5. Do not be angry at anyone

Blaming and being aggressive does not help either. Don’t ruin your energy. You won’t be able to meet a good person unless you are a good person. A kind person will never fall in love with a person who is constantly mad at everything or someone who wants to revenge their ex. Read How to Let Go of Resentment.

6. Do what makes you happy…genuinely happy

Produce positive energy. You always attract people with the same attitude to life as yours.

7.Listen to advice of people who already have something you want to have

Do you agree that a divorced person who hates their ex is not the best person to take relationship advice from? If you want to have a happy family, seek advice from people who have a happy family.

8. Analyze advice

Whoever gives you advice is not a 100% credible source. Everyone has their own psychological issues. If a person tells you that you should check your partner’s phone to make sure they don’t cheat, this person is rather a questionable adviser.

9. Do what resonates with your heart

Listen to advice but put your heart first. If when thinking about something you have a bad feeling, don’t do it and vice versa.

10. Never stop educating yourself

I suggest you find out your problem and then learn what psychology says about it. You may find a good psychologist but always remain critical.

11. Don’t listen to sad songs

This is probably one of the most important points. You don’t want to feel like a victim because it will attract not the kind of people in your life you would want to attract. Sad songs aren’t able to give you strength or heal you because it’s what those singers lacked at the moment of recording those songs. You need to listen to music that heals, encourages, and empowers.

12. Meditate to better understand yourself

Meditation soothes and heals. Try it!

13. Change your life completely

If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to change something or to make a decision, this is the time to do whatever you’ve dreamed about.

Remember that once you are ready (meaning that you radiate positive energy and are mentally stable), you can meet your soulmate anywhere. Don’t underestimate the power of the Universe. It will guide you. Do the best you can on your part first.

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This is it for my tips on how to get over a breakup. Share this article with someone who’s going through a hard time dealing with a breakup.

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