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18 Life-Changing Positive Affirmations for Women

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Positive affirmations have always helped me with personal growth: helped me overcome difficult situations, become more confident, get rid of anxiety and fears, relieve stress, set boundaries, practice mindfulness, etc. Below you will find a new pack of life-changing positive affirmations for women with phone wallpapers, brief explanations and links to relevant articles.


What positive affirmations for women are truly life-changing?

Daily affirmations for confidence

  • I don’t have to follow anyone’s life plan.
  • I will never let other people’s opinions and fears affect my decisions.
  • I don’t let society decide what should be important for me.
  • I don’t let anyone devalue my dreams and aspirations.

Society (family, friends, people we meet in school, college, at work, people we see on social media, etc.) puts a lot of pressure on us. Often people expect us to do what seems like the right thing to them, which means they project their own fears, insecurities, dreams, values, aspirations onto us. Sometimes it seems to me that there’s an established plan that everyone is supposed to follow. Society expects us to go to college, make friends, find a 9 to 5 job, be in a relationship, get married, get a mortgage, settle, have kids, etc. If expectations of society resonate with you, good for you. If not, you become something like an outcast.

But you don’t have to follow someone else’s life plan even if it’s been there for ages. Remember, you don’t have to give up your dreams and betray yourself. You don’t have to keep in touch with people who devalue what is important to you. You don’t have to be like everyone else. Pleasing people with your decisions and meeting someone’s expectations is not your job. Use the above positive affirmations for women to boost your confidence.

Positive affirmations for women for self-love

  • From now on I will always stand up for myself when my boundaries are crossed.
  • I don’t let people cross my boundaries.
  • I don’t let anyone put me down.
  • I will not tolerate ill treatment.
  • I won’t let other people make me disregard my needs and desires.
  • From now on I’ll be spending more time doing what I love.

In Self-Care Is Making Yourself Your Priority I spoke about people who often try to please others, make others happier but sometimes at the expense of their own happiness. It is important not to disregard your own needs and desires. Being your own priority means listening to yourself more than to anyone else and putting yourself and your feelings first.

When we do too much for others and forget about ourselves and then get nothing in return or learn that the person we were doing it for didn’t care, we can feel resentful. Resentment is an emotion that is killing you slowly. Read more about it in How to Let Go of Resentment.

Another challenge is dealing with manipulative or toxic people. Moreover, sometimes we may not understand at once that the person torturing us is just a manipulator. Like I said in How to Deal with Manipulative and Toxic People and Reduce Stress, don’t set yourself on fire to keep manipulative people warm. The only way to teach manipulative and toxic people socially acceptable behavior is setting boundaries and applying certain punishment after they cross them. Use the above positive affirmations for women to boost your self-love and self-worth.

Positive affirmations for pursuing dreams

  • My life will never be guided by my fears.
  • I won’t let fear and anxiety make me give up my dreams.
  • I will pursue my dreams. I will be persistent. I won’t give up until I achieve what I want.

I have a rule: my decisions should never be based on my fears. For example, before I created this website, Mindfulness Inspo, I worked at a job I absolutely hated. I was stressed and burnt out. Even though I could quit that job because I had other income streams, I was afraid to do so because of fear of uncertainty. On the one hand, I thought: what if I will lack money? On the other hand, I was completely burnt out and just couldn’t take it anymore. (Now I have blogposts dedicated to ways to relieve stress quickly and burnout recovery on my website.)

Then I thought it over and understood that the things I was afraid of were just illusions. I created those fears myself. So, I decided that none of my decisions in life would never be based on fear. I quit that job and started pursuing my dreams. Whenever I have to make an important decision or when I feel the pressure of society, I ask myself: is it what I really want or is it just fear (of missing out, of the unknown, of getting old, of staying alone when I’m old, etc.)? If I can’t do it out of love, I shouldn’t do it out of fear.

Doubts based on fear and anxiety make many of us give up our dreams and aspirations. Society tells us “it’s impossible”, “look at other negative examples”, we believe it and settle for an average life we have never wanted for ourselves. Since early childhood I’ve had a lot of fears my family instilled into me. Over the past four years I’ve managed to get rid of most of those fears on my own. Read how I did it in Fear and Anxiety Make You Live in a Shell? Learn How to Stop It and How to Get Rid of Anxiety and Fear.

But even when you finally overcome your mental issues and become ready for pursuing your dreams, there is yet another challenge: persistence. If you want to live your dream life, you should keep going no matter what. Small progress each day adds up and eventually, you’ll start seeing results. When it comes to fulfilling your dreams, sometimes you need to make a leap of faith.

Society may tell you that what you do is stupid and is not going to work out. Therefore, you have to be very thick-skinned. If you don’t believe that you can make your dreams come true – you have already failed and you’re right, they will never come true. One of my favorite sayings ever belongs to Henry Ford who said: “Whether you think you can or you can’t – you are right.”

Positive affirmations for women for success

  • I don’t strive for perfection, I strive for progress.
  • I allow myself to be imperfect.

When you’re on track, it’s important not to get off it. There are many distractions and perfectionism is one of them. At first sight, perfectionism seems to be our friend – it makes us improve and outperform others. But if we look at it closer, we will see that there’s fear, doubt, anxiety, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, etc. hiding behind perfectionism.

Perfectionism is a self-sabotaging behavior which often leads to procrastination. The timing is never good enough, the result is never good enough, we are never good enough. It’s insane what some people do with themselves to achieve what they believe to be perfection. And it’s insane how many dreams and ideas people give up because of the fear of being imperfect. You can read more on self-sabotaging behaviors in The Trap of Self-Sabotage.

When I decided to create a website, I was aware of my fears and of perfectionism being my problem. But what scared me more than creating an ugly website or failing, was the trap of self-sabotage. I was afraid that I would not create any website at all. So, I told myself that I wouldn’t fall into that trap like many times before and created an ugly website. I knew it was far from perfect but I also knew that I could change it any time. Rome and this website weren’t built in a day. Then I created a Pinterest account for Mindfulness Inspo and until lately, my pins were super ugly. However, if I hadn’t started creating at least some pins, I would have never learned to create beautiful pins. Progress takes time and a lot of practice. Rarely something turns out perfect from the first try.

Let yourself do imperfect things, let yourself look imperfect, let yourself do mistakes, let yourself fail and learn. But most importantly, teach yourself to get up and keep moving toward your goal every day and after each failure. Even if you fail like a hundred times and it seems to you that no one has ever failed as many times as you. You don’t know other people’s stories of success. What we see on social media is often the result, not the beginning. Never compare your beginning to someone else’s result.

And it’s time to move to the last but not least pack of daily affirmations that will help you deal with anxiety.

Daily affirmations for anxiety

  • I am in competition with no one.
  • I am in no rush.
  • I don’t have to compete with my peers. I have my own path which is unique.

We all live in society, have social media, and see lives of other people. Never before social media people could see so much of someone else’s life. It takes mindfulness not to compare yourself with others. Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t consider comparing dangerous and succumb to our ego and this bad habit.

Comparing brings the feelings of disappointment, anxiety, jealousy, desire, anger, hatred or otherwise, the feeling of being superior and as a result, arrogance. These are low frequency emotions. Everything in this world is energy. So, when our body starts vibrating at lower frequencies, our lives change: we become less and less happy, less mindful, less healthy, less compassionate. This is where we start running in circles to achieve everything we have planned as soon as possible. Our life turns into a constant rush in an attempt to outperform others. Use the above positive affirmations for women to remind yourself of mindfulness.

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As said in The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams:

“The Ego, however, is not who you really are. The ego is your self-image; it is your social mask; it is the role you are playing. Your social mask thrives on approval. It wants control, and it is sustained by power, because it lives in fear.”

Deepak Chopra
best spiritual books for motivation and success the seven spiritual laws of success by deepak chopra

This life-changing book has taught me to live mindfully and simply. Most of our problems are created by our ego, so if you want to live a stress-free life, this book can show you how.

Living mindfully, in the here-and-now, may be difficult for goal-oriented people as they often rush toward their goals and dreams. Rushing toward goals we miss a lot of other important things because we are ready to sacrifice them for the sake of achieving our goals faster. Sometimes we even wish that time would go faster. But the faster time flies, the faster we and our loved-ones get older. Are material possessions and social approval our ego craves really worth what we are ready to trade?

What we have to understand, if we want to live mindfully and happily, is that rush is not the opposite for procrastination. Many people are obsessed with productivity nowadays. They think that if they haven’t completed dozens of tasks in a day – the day has passed in vain. The current trend for productivity oftentimes is just a mindless rush. What we all truly need is balance.

Having goals is great but proper work-life balance is even greater as without it, sooner or later, we are likely to find ourselves on the verge of burnout or even worse, understand that we have spent most of our life on unimportant things, rushing for success, fame, money, achievements, social approval. And that we have never actually lived happily or the way we wanted.

Read How to Stop Rushing Through Life. Apply these 12 tips and your life will become stress free. Don’t lose yourself in the hustle! Stop chasing someone else’s dreams. Stop chasing dreams imposed on you by society and advertised on social media. Find your own priorities in life.

Use these life-changing positive affirmations for women as phone wallpapers, lock screen or follow Mindfulness Inspo on Pinterest and pin them and many other daily positive affirmations for women onto your boards.

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