Minimalist Lifestyle – 17 Things I Do Without

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Now I am a huge fan of a minimalist lifestyle but several years ago I used to possess a lot of stuff. The less you can afford, the more you crave, so when I finally got the opportunity to buy whatever I lacked during my poor childhood, I tried to buy it all. However, it turned out to be a problem when we decided to move to another city. Eventually, I learned to part with stuff and to refuse new stuff. It turned out that you don’t need everything you can afford, and you don’t need everything society expects you to use. Moreover, there’s a lot of rubbish being advertised nowadays. Now I’m trying to lead a minimalist lifestyle and here is my list of things I easily do without.

Things I do without as part of my minimalist lifestyle

1. Bath rug

Quite unexpected, right? I know, it may seem inconvenient and even dangerous, but it’s not as bad as it sounds. I used to think that a bath rug is a must, especially when the floor is as slippery as it’s in my apartment. However, it turned out that it’s possible to live without this high maintenance item. Why high maintenance? I am allergic to dust, so I try not to accumulate fabric items. Moreover, a bath rug is especially prone to fungus.

It’s much easier to clean the bathroom now. As for the slippery floor issue, when I forget to bring my slippers with me to the bathroom, I just dry my feet really well with a towel and that’s it.

2. Carpets

Now it’s predictable. People say, carpets are 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat. Do you still want to lie on the floor or sit on it playing with your dog? Do you want your children to play on a carpet? Carpets are high maintenance and dangerous.

3. Shower gels

I used to use several bottles of shower gel per month. But those bottles are made of plastic. Now imagine how much plastic I bought and threw away! While some food can’t be bought without plastic packaging, shower gels are easy to replace with soap in cardboard packaging.

4. Mouthwash

According to Forbes1 and a number of other sources, mouthwash is not good for health in the long run, as it kills all bacteria in your mouth, and there are many good bacteria which help you fight disease. Of course, mouthwash is also sold in plastic packaging I try to buy less of.

5. Fabric softener

There’s only one more meaningless thing in this world than fabric softener and it’s my next point. I wonder who and how even invented this thing? And why on earth did people start thinking that they need it? Let alone it is deadly to marine life, it’s also bad for you. Studies have shown that fabric softeners trigger asthma, skin and respiratory irritation as well as make clothes more flammable!2 For me, it has always been the artificial smell that worried me a lot. What good can such chemical smell do to your health? It’s the case when a minimalist lifestyle can save you a lot of trouble.

6. Not recycled toilet paper

Not recycled toilet paper is the only thing that is even more useless than a fabric softener. Imagine all those trees you flush down the drain every day.

7. Artificial home perfume

Just as the case with fabric softeners, I can’t bear any artificial smell. To avoid health-related issues, opt for essential oils and an oil diffuser.

8. Tea with artificial flavors

Sometimes, when I don’t pay much attention to the list of ingredients on the packaging, it turns out that I buy tea with artificial flavors. However, I always try to buy pure black or pure green tea. A bonus – usually they cost less than some sophisticated blends with fake taste (let alone pure tea is much healthier).

9. Indoor flowers in pots

As a person allergic to mold, I’ve been advised by my allergist to get rid of all indoor plants. I don’t feel like I’m missing out, to be honest.

10. Curtains

Sometimes curtains are absolutely necessary but sometimes they can be avoided. For example, in the kitchen, I have a window blind which I can clean with a wet cloth.

11. Meat grinder

I used to think that I lack a meat grinder and I like chicken meatballs. What a misfortune! However, it turned out that I can grind meat with a hand blender set which also serves for a variety of purposes (from making purees and smoothies to grinding stuff and making milk foam for coffee) just fine. No need for another bulky home appliance! A minimalist lifestyle saves room!

12. Fast-fashion clothes

I’ve always wanted to be fashionable to impress other people. But then I quit Instagram and now I care neither about clothes nor about other people’s opinions. Now I prioritize comfort over fashion.

13. Uncomfortable lingerie

Girls are taught that they deserve to look beautiful, so they should treat themselves to beautiful lingerie which is very often uncomfortable, inconvenient, and inappropriate. Do we assume that women aren’t beautiful unless they own lingerie in which they look sexually appealing to men? Anyone can wear anything they want. Clothes should have nothing to do with gender stereotypes. Clothes are just fabric that helps not to get cold!

Some people also believe that lace lingerie boosts women’s confidence . I believe that confidence is not a matter of clothes. Clothes can help disguise lack of self-confidence for some time, but they’ll never solve the problem.

14. High heel shoes

The same case as with uncomfortable lace lingerie. High heel shoes, as for me, are an outdated item. I can’t imagine why else would women wear them unless they want to impress men. As I have become more confident, I don’t have the need to impress anyone anymore. Let them try to impress me first!

15. Tons of beauty products

I don’t believe that any beauty product can help get rid of acne if the problem is within your body (like hormones or digestion problems). I am also not interested in makeup techniques. So, when it comes to beauty products ads, I’m not a perfect customer.  It’s almost impossible to make me buy a new eyeshadow palette or a lip gloss.

16. Hair conditioner

While some of them can be helpful when your hair is dry due to exposure to heat or dye, since I’ve grown perfectly healthy hair (after dying it for several years), I’ve never needed hair conditioner to come to my rescue again.

17. Red meat

I don’t eat beef and pork not only because red meat is considered bad for health or because I like cows and pigs as animals (I do), or because it’s bad for the environment (I guess so), but because for me, eating a cow/pig is just as disgusting as eating a rabbit, and the taste is awful. Moreover, my digestion really suffers after eating red meat. I can easily do without red meat.

So, that’s it for my list of products I consider unhealthy or useless. As you can see, a minimalist lifestyle can save you money, time spent on cleaning, room for storage, and of course it saves the planet and many lives both animals’ and humans’.

If you are as interested in health just like I am, then I hope you find this article on health and living longer helpful.

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